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Texas Woman Killed by Boyfriend Because She Had HIV

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Robert B

I am one that is HIV pos and I can see why there is a fear of disclosing ones status for this reason it actually sounds to me that he was already pos himself and he was looking for a scape goat for as it is known there was no metion of the tests for he did not have one yet I have been pos since 91 and only once did I not inform someone and it was found out I could have been sent to jail and etc but we ended up talking about it and we are still together for over 5 yrs and it is the best ever

September 16, 2012


first it is under question weather or not she told him. it doesn't say for a fact that she didn't. And disclosure can be talked about all thru a relationship and not matter in the end. unless you have a paper signed that you told them before. and in this case that wouldn't have mattered if he is using the HIV as an excuse. With such little fact I do not think any opinion should be an option. wait till the facts are presented.

September 13, 2012


This is the reason that disclosure should be talked about in a relationship PRIOR to having sex. Hell, it even STILL needs to be discussed with the two consummating adults within the relationship altogether. Please you'll. let's get tested for reasons like these, for this didn't have to happen to this scared young lady if only she trusted her mate (boyfriend)that which they had an understanding and used protection from the start.

September 13, 2012 Hattiesburg

J s

Wow damn thats messed up lord I hope they cure HIV this the reason why it needs to just be wiped off the earth.

September 12, 2012 US


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