It’s important to understand why you should get tested for HIV and sexually transmitted infections—and to know where you can get those tests. Such information is vital to a person’s health, and it should be made available to everyone. To that end, the team at Kikis with Louie, a popular YouTube series geared toward LGBT youth of color, created a short episode titled “How to #GetTested (ASL)”—and it’s presented in American Sign Language (and subtitles). You can watch the two-minute episode above.

But wait, what’s a kiki and who is Louie? As Louie explains below, kiki is popular queer lingo for a gathering of friends for the purpose of gossiping and sharing advice—and maybe serving a little shade.

Louie is Louie Ortiz-Fonseca, the director of LGBTQ health and rights at Advocates for Youth, an organization that partners with other groups and youth leaders to fight for young people’s rights to sexual health information and care; as such, the group also fights homophobia, transphobia, homelessness, poverty and other factors that factor into health disparities and violations of human rights. 

Advocates for Youth is also behind National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD), marked each April 10. The HIV testing video was released this week in conjunction with NYHAAD.

Kikis with Louie launched just ahead of last year’s World AIDS Day, December 1. Other episodes include athletes, actors and celebrities talking about issues relevant to LGBTQ youth. For example, Pose’s Mj Rodriguez joined Louie to chat about trans representation. Most episodes run shorter than 10 minutes. You can see the playlist here