Experts say that drinking a glass of red wine a night has numerous health benefits—lowering the risk of many cancers and strengthening the heart’s arteries—but overindulging can be deadly. A new study has found that men who consume 21 drinks or more a week and women who consume more than 14 drinks a week are in serious risk of developing heart disease, heart failure and stroke.

“The excessive consumption of alcohol causes significant arterial and ventricular stiffening and an enlarged heart; factors associated with poor cardiovascular outcomes in hypertensive populations,” said the study’s head researcher, Azra Mahmud, MD. “Trends in heavy drinking continue to rise, and it is high time to recognize the potential of an alcohol-induced epidemic of cardiovascular disease. Binge and heavy drinkers must consider their behavior and control their intake before it’s too late.”

More than half of African Americans over the age of 20 are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

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