These days, between blogs and videos and Twitter feeds it seems that everyone is an expert. But hair care is definitely a science. Though websites pop up every day and bloggers categorize personal experience as professional, there are legitimate experts in the field, ranging from microbiologists to cosmetologists. Here, breaks down who’s who on the science team behind many of the shampoos, conditioners and treatments you use on your hair so often.

Microbiologists. These scientists study the growth of microbes and fungi in products and usually work to develop and maximize product preservation.

Polymer chemists. These scientists have advanced degrees in organic or physical chemistry or polymer science and develop or use new materials to get specialized effects in hair care products.

Physical and analytical chemists. These scientists perform tests on raw materials and finished goods.

Colloid and surface chemists. These scientists study solutions of oil and water and find ways to stabilize the mixture and make the best use of them.

Biochemists. These scientists focus on the study of proteins, skin, and hair as well as plant-based materials.

Chemical and production engineers. These engineers figure out how to make the transition from developing products in a small-scale lab to achieving large-scale rollouts for mass production.

Cosmetologists. These professionals organize hair care focus groups and test new products.

As you can see, the hair care industry is actually pretty complex. Billions and billions of dollars are put into research, development and production every year. And though companies aren’t always compelled to share information, if you know exactly who is working on your products and who’s giving advice, you’ll be able to make better choices regarding your hair care.

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