Daily styling to achieve the perfect look can be hard on you hair. The end result is often a head full of frizzy locks with split ends. These hair care tips from DailyGlow.com can help prevent this unsightly and unhealthy hair damage.

Don’t shampoo daily. Cleansing hair every day strips away the natural oils that keep your hair and scalp healthy. And when you do shampoo, it’s important you always follow with a conditioner to improve hair strength and increase shine.

Don’t rub hair dry. Instead, wrap hair in a towel. Why? When wet, hair is more fragile, elastic and more likely to break.

Don’t brush wet hair. Doing so can stretch strands to the breaking point. While hair is wet, comb it gently with a wide-tooth comb or wait until tresses are dry before you comb or brush.

Don’t blow-dry hair that’s completely wet. Wait until strands are partially dry before you blow-dry or use a curling iron. High heat on wet hair causes the water in the hair shaft to heat up; this weakens hair fibers and makes strands more breakage prone. And if you use a curling iron, avoid damage by placing it on hair for only a second or two.

Don’t overbrush. Too much hair brushing damages hair by stripping away the cuticle. The result? Split ends.

Don’t overprocess. Hair coloring, perms and relaxers contain harsh chemicals that can damage hair fibers. If these products are applied too often, they can result in dull, frizzy, breakage-prone hair and lead to split ends.

Don’t risk overexposure to the sun. Soaking in too much of the sun’s rays can lead to dry, weak and brittle hair. Protect hair tresses by wearing a wide-brimmed hat on sunny days.

Don’t use plastic or metal hair ties. Instead, pull hair back with elastic or fabric hair accessories to avoid breakage.

While these tips help prevent split ends, if you already have splayed strands, use a leave-in conditioner to temporarily mend damage. And cut back on hair styling until tresses are healthy again, or visit your stylist for an ends-fixing trim.

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