Classic symptoms of a pet allergy include wheezing, itching, and red, teary eyes. These allergic reactions are caused by a sensitivity to proteins called allergens that are found in an animal’s dander, urine or saliva.

What’s more, just saying goodbye to a pet won’t solve the problem, experts say. Allergens remain in the home and can cause problems long after Fido or Fluffy is gone. Even so-called hypoallergenic pets may trigger allergies.

The solution? Keep animals out of the home or leave them outside (if you have a backyard). If you have a live-in pet, several strategies can help reduce your exposure to the offending allergens.

Don’t allow pets in your bedroom, especially not on your bed; clean all surfaces and keep your floors bare (forget carpeting); wash your hands and change your clothing after prolonged interactions with animals; use air filters to remove allergens from your environment; and have someone who isn’t allergic groom your dog or your cat (and its litter box) outside.