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FDA Approves Early Human Trial of Potential HIV Functional Cure

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Frederick Wright-Stafford

I think we all should support the concept of stepping out into a new science of research. The word functional cure is most interesting in those two words and are important to move forward in these human studies. I have a friend that just got a gigg at Harvard, an advocate in Student for Global AIDS and founder of Students for Stem Cell research. Harvard has taking up a couple of floor in an old office building with a new project and wonder if they are behind the human stem cells/gene studies?

June 29, 2015 Jacsonville

James McDaniel

how do I sign up for the trials? Let's Giterdone!

June 2, 2015 West Palm Beach


If this were a sex drug for rich negatives, this would be front page news, Poz would dedicate every other article to it, there'd be shirts and we'd be getting our injections by Christmas. Instead, it's just another dream for people who don't matter, who've been marginalized and forsaken. I have serious questions about the likelihood of anything that might be called a "cure". Progress stands on science and breathes support. There's no problem with our balance, but we're gasping for air.

May 23, 2015 Cleveland, OH

aaron aker

I looked into this trial a few weeks ago. Its ok if your willing to go off your ARV'S for an extended time. I myself can't chance that even though I would love too. Its took me 5 years to get my ccd4's. Up to 500 and don't want to take chance of dropping back down again.

May 19, 2015

Shane Amean

How soon will the procedure be fully approved for mainstream? If it does get approved how much would someone be expected to pay to receive this treatment?

May 14, 2015 Port Moresby


I agree with Jeff, but doubt it's as easy as "get out and ACT UP". In my case, I was made aware of the ever-present threat of prosecution, the fact that protections were limited, and that my family might abandon me. This was chased with a prompt "no one needs to know and you'll live a normal life". I think those of us diagnosed in the last 10 years couldn't be more atomized and deprived of consciousness than we are. Change starts with "your test came back positive", not "why don't you fight"?

April 4, 2015 Between NY and LA

Jeff In Ottawa

The article ends with "The process can take many years" I think that if 2% of the money spent on wars was put towards this study, we could have the cure ready for distribution in one year or less. We need to organize a movement like the one in the 80's that got treatments out to people with HIV because we acted up, we spoke up, we demanded action! If we are this close to a cure, we should be out in the streets demanding that it get to the public sooner, not later! Have we become so apathetic?

April 2, 2015 Ottawa

James R Schwantes

Myself and my fiancé are both hindered with this HIV virus, and will do anything we can in the search for a cure. What do I/we need to do to be able to participate in a trial study for a functional cure? We both are so depressed, and this virus has us on our last string. Please send me information on the new study for a functional cure..

March 30, 2015 Cumberland


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