Horticulturalists at the University of Florida’s Institute for Plant Innovation are engineering a tomato that will taste substantially better than those currently found in your produce aisle, The New York Times reports.

According to plant experts, during the past decade, the average American tomato has become not only less tasty but also less nutritious than its natural counterpart. This decline in quality is most likely because of genetic modifications that have purposely forgone flavor to make the fruits more visually appealing and heartier during commercial transport and sale.

Plant scientists now want to tweak the tomato once again, through traditional breeding methods aimed at preserving five key taste genes within the fruit that contribute to its overall sweetness without forgoing tomato strength. (Yes—tomatoes are classified as fruits, though they are generally cooked like vegetables). Researchers are currently using both genetic and taste tests to determine which plants posses the best combination of desired attributes.

Experts speculate that seeds for improved tomatoes could be made available to commercial growers within five years, with the potential to appear in supermarkets a few years after that.

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