What if you could chuck your comb and brush and detangle your tresses with your fingers? This method works, according to blogger Dawn Michelle on MinimalistBeauty.com. What’s more, finger detangling can improve curl definition and help a sista get in touch with her natural hair roots, she says. Check out how Dawn does it.

Don’t detangle strands while they’re dry. Instead, try it after you’ve washed hair and saturated your mane with conditioner. Once the conditioner is in, begin to detangle hair in sections, using your fingers to gently pull and comb through your hair. When you encounter knots, be careful not to pull them tighter but instead work on loosening them. Using cuticle scissors, carefully cut out small, stubborn knots that don’t budge no matter how much you finesse them.

Smooth out curls. After you’ve detangled each section of hair, begin the curls-smoothing process; apply extra conditioner if necessary. This helps improve curl definition and create curl sections that move freely once hair dries.

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