NBA fans are loving The Last Dance, a docuseries produced by Netflix and ESPN that chronicles the exploits of the historic Chicago Bulls basketball team. But many were also left wondering about the health of Michael Jordan because his eyes looked bloodshot and had a pronounced yellow hue, reports

People speculated that Jordan might be suffering from jaundice, a condition that turns the skin and the whites of the eyes yellow. (The staining is symptomatic of a problem with the liver or bile ducts.)

Although rare in adults, jaundice could be caused by several health issues, including hepatitis, alcohol-related liver disease, blocked bile ducts and pancreatic cancer. Thus, some folks began questioning whether the NBA legend might have liver disease or be experiencing liver failure. 

“I know we have enough health concern to worry about right now, but is anyone else concerned for Michael Jordan’s jaundice [sic] eyes in The Last Dance?” wrote Twitter user @sadnurse420. “Like, for real, it looks like he’s in liver failure.” 

However, Jordan hasn’t made any public statements about experiencing jaundice or liver problems, so others believe the splotching in his eyes may simply be due to melanin. 

According to Gary S. Hirshfield, MD, a New York ophthalmologist, melanin pigment in the surface tissue of the eye—the sclera and conjunctiva—can sometimes cause discolorations in the eyes of African Americans, a benign condition.

Therefore, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, chances are that Jordan is healthy. 

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