Unwanted facial hair is a problem for many women, especially women of color. This type of excessive body hair—part of a condition called hypertrichosis—is often hereditary and annoying. Hair removal treatments are often painful and costly. Which is why many women opt to stop the hair before it grows. Here, are a few tips from Livestrong.com to help you defuzz.

See a dermatologist. Doctors can prescribe a eflornithine hydrochloride (a.k.a. eflornithine HCl), a cream you apply directly to the area of the face where unwanted hair is growing. The cream prevents the hormones responsible for hair growth from reaching the hair follicle. While prescription creams can’t completely halt the growth, they can slow down the process.

Take more vitamins and supplements. Estrogen imbalances or fluctuations might produce too much testosterone, which spurs hair growth. To stabilize the estrogen in your body, Livestrong.com suggests taking a black cohosh supplement, an herb available at most health food stores.

Change your diet. Some foods contain phytoestrogens, which are naturally occurring nonsteroidal plant compounds that may help balance estrogen levels. A diet with a healthy amount of phytoestrogen-rich legumes may help prevent hormonal fluctuations and reduce facial hair growth.

Visit your regular doctor. Some prescription medications, such as Tagamet, can reduce testosterone production and slow hair growth.

Consider permanent treatments. Permanent medical procedures, such as laser hair removal, kill the hair follicle and totally end hair growth. Your doctor can explain whether these types of procedures may work for you.

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