What are some specific ways to manage stress?
Repeat the same thing for 30 seconds. This changes the neural pathways in your brain, reduces your stress levels and produces serotonin and endorphins. Another easy thing to do is just be grateful—for your child, your health or for anything. And listen to music. The minute we hear music, we produce serotonin, which reduces stress.

What are the effects of stress on your mind and body?
Stress can cause your memory to become vague. Learning and problem-solving become difficult. Also, your perception is limited, and you assume a defensive or aggressive attitude. What’s more, your body can become tense, and your heart and breathing rates, blood pressure, blood sugar and adrenaline surge.

What are simple ways to achieve a good work-life balance?
Become more mindful and present in your life. Also, realize that your life is guided by the choices that you make.