Aromatherapy often uses essential oils to improve mood through the sense of smell, but the oils can also boost hair health, according to

These highly concentrated oils are extracted from seeds, leaves, stems, flowers, bark and roots of plants and trees. Through the years, users have testified that they are beneficial in African-American hair care. The oils promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, nourish roots and have anti-bacterial properties, they say. Below are eight essential oils (and their properties) suggests adding to your hair care regimen :

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil purifies the scalp and treats dandruff problems. The oil also moisturizes hair, stimulates the scalp, balances the production of hair’s natural oils, discourages bacterial and fungal scalp problems and clears clogged hair follicles.


Rosemary oil encourages hair growth, alleviates hair dryness and rids you of itchy scalp and dandruff. (Caution: Pregnant women should avoid this oil because it is dangerous for unborn children.)


This hair- and scalp-soothing essential oil is also known for its conditioning properties that add luster and sheen to tresses.


Like some other oils, basil encourages hair growth by stimulating blood circulation and promoting a healthy scalp.


Peppermint essential oil stimulates the blood flow to the hair root, which allows nourishment to promote hair growth. Its tingling effect on the scalp, says, encourages blood flow and overall hair and scalp health.


Bay essential oil helps hair growth, promotes lustrous, shiny tresses and helps eliminate dandruff.


Lavender essential oil also promotes hair growth. In addition, it’s also very effective at treating severe hair and scalp conditions, such as alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease characterized by patchy hair loss on the scalp and elsewhere on the body.


An effective clarifying essential oil, sage cleanses scalp impurities. It works well with other herbs to heal scalp conditions such as psoriasis. When combined with zinc, it can also help eliminate dandruff.

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