Over-the-counter emergency contraception pills may not work as well for women who are over a certain weight, CNN.com reports. French pharmacists studied the European drug Norlevo, which is identical in chemical composition to the American Plan-B One-Step. They found that the drug began losing its effectiveness in women who weighed more than 165 pounds, and it showed a complete “absence of effectiveness” when a woman exceeded 176 pounds. Their research further supports a 2011 observational study, which found that obese women had three times the risk of getting pregnant after taking emergency contraception pills than women with a normal body weight. In response to these new findings, all Norlevo pills sold in Europe will now come with a warning label saying the pill is “not recommended” for women over a certain weight. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it has begun reviewing the research to see if similar American label changes are also necessary.

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