Experts believe that the uncertainty of the country’s economy impacts not only our wallets but also our emotional wellness, reports.

The current economic crisis may affect a larger number of people than the tragedies of 9/11, according to Linda Rosenberg, president of the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.

“People are anxious, and they are more anxious if they are nearer retirement age and have their 401(k) in the stock market and money in the banks,” Rosenberg says. “When people get anxious…it begins to affect the whole family. There are marital fights over ‘What do we do now?’ Kids get involved when parents are fighting and have their own emotional upset.”

These tips will help you survive the financial crisis with your emotional health intact:

  • Stay calm; be cautious and retain a sense of confidence that you will get through these tough times.
  • Take the news with a grain of salt.
  • Translate worry into action. Start cutting back on spending and be proactive with your finances.
  • Maintain a life balance. Besides focusing on your financial situation, eat right, work out and enjoy your favorite activities.