Are you someone who had to “get comfortable” with natural curls? And if you’re a mother with daughters, did you ever have to stop and think how you’d teach your children to love and care for their hair? Well, maybe you didn’t, but some moms do face these questions. If you’re one of them, the following three brief tips from may help you give your growing tots the tools to feel secure about navigating a hair journey all their own.

Offer lavish mirror-time praise. You can give your daughter’s hair-related self-esteem issues the big chop early on, before they develop and take root. Regularly compliment your girls on their beautiful natural manes. Give your children a positive image of their own hair by standing in front of the mirror with them and praising their pretty curls and thick, frizzy coils with pride. Give them a sense of their hair heritage by showing how you and your grandmother used to style your tresses when you were young.

Stage a hair care photo-op. Snap some shots of hairstyles that you and your daughters create together. Get creative with new techniques and make these hair photo sessions a bonding experience that they’ll remember with fondness. Save the pictures in a photo album, frame them to decorate your home, or post them on a naturalistas blog.

Let your child be the stylist. Make sure your bambinos know the feel and texture of their own hair and yours. Show your little ones how to use a comb and detangle their tresses. Also teach them how to apply products and style hair. Once they’ve got the hang of it, though, let them choose what style to wear. That way they’ll prize their own creativity. Pretty soon your little whippersnapper will be teaching you a thing or two. (And, remember, your sons can also express themselves with their hair, so if they’re interested let your lil’ men do their ’dos, too.)

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