When tresses become dry and damaged from using curling irons, it’s definitely time to put aside thermal heat styling tools—even if you love, love, love curly hairstyles. But here’s good news: There are numerous ways to shape or define your curls without resorting to hair-frying appliances. Here, CocoandCreme.com offers five heat-free, hair-curling enhancement tips we’re sure you’ll love!

Use flexi rods. These easy-to-use, bendable snakelike rods cultivate luscious spiral curls that offer both definition and volume. Flexi rods work best after you wash, condition and detangle your hair. Simply apply any leave-in or setting product that helps hair hold moisture and curl-definition. Start with the hair nearest the nape of your neck. Part and comb your hair into two-inch sections and fold the end of your hair over the base of the flexi rod. (Use end papers to preserve the tips of your strands.) Continue to curl your hair vertically so the rod moves closer to your roots as you curl. Once the hair section is curled close to the roots, twist and secure the flexi rod’s free end so it stays in position. Repeat the same process for other hair sections; let dry; then carefully unwind the hair from the rod. If you want a curl pattern with big spiral curls, keep the sections in tact. But if you want more volume, carefully tease the hair sections or fluff the curled hair for more pouf.

Try rag curls. For this old-fashioned styling method, use the same basic curling technique but use 12-inch fabric strips to curl each hair section instead of flexi rods. Tie the ends of the rags together or pin them up to keep them secure. Then follow the instructions above to unfurl those curls.

Do rollers. Remember these oldies but goodies? Get the best results by using rollers after you shampoo and condition your mane. Caution: Avoid rollers with sponge or foam because these can leach moisture and natural oils from your hair. Instead, use satin-covered rollers. Follow the instructions in the flexi rods section above to get the curls you want.

Twist into Bantu knots. No additional tools are necessary for this hairstyling technique. For the best results, create Bantu knots on damp hair. (Tip: Wet hair creates tighter curls.) And, yes, it may take a few tries before perfecting the art of twisting sections of your hair into well-managed knots. But the big, curly payoff is that this style works well if you’re looking for uber volume. Follow through with styling instructions as before.

Experiment with curlformers. These spiral-shaped lengths of fabric have a hollow middle and come in several lengths and widths (and colors to show in which direction the hair will curl), so you have plenty of curly hair options. For a head full of ringlet-type curls, just dampen hair with setting lotion then take a small section of hair and give it a slight twist. Curlformers come with a hook to help you pull the hair section through the spiraled fabric. After your hair is all curled, tie on your silk scarf and go to sleep. The next morning, remove hair sections from the curlformers and follow through with styling instructions.

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