After years of wanting to carve out enough time to work on a novel, I’d almost given up on the project that was my heart’s desire. At work, I was overloaded. I was unable to write for even one hour each day.

I railed at the injustice of needing to put in overtime at the office just to meet the mounting duties of my job. I’d been hired to shoulder a specific set of responsibilities that, during my tenure at the company, had increased exponentially.

As time passed, I grew angrier and more resentful that I had so much work to do. Then a little voice inside me suggested I stop grousing and take action. I wrote up a plan, approached my boss and showed him how much I could get done if he allowed me to hire interns.

Now with the help I need at work, I can leave the office on schedule so I can get home and still have enough time to write.

I should have thought to speak up sooner!