Be warned: More Americans are heading to the emergency room for computer-related injuries, reports a new study. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commissions reviewed 78,703 reports from 100 U.S hospitals and found a 732 percent jump in the number of computer-based injuries reported.

The injuries most cited? Those caused by equipment falling on people (21 percent) and those caused by people tripping or falling on a computer (18.2 percent).

Additionally, males were more than 7 percent more likely than females to injure themselves on the computer. Also, with the steady rise of younger children using computers, the report showed that kids younger than 5 had the highest overall injury rate and the greatest injury rate increase over any other group.

What can you do to keep yourself and your children safe? Keep cords secured and out of reach; place heavy objects such as computers away from edges and on secure, stable furniture; and be sure to keep an eye on your child.