We’ve all heard myths that common items are potentially harmful to our health. While researchers aren’t completely sure what causes breast cancer, they do know that electric blankets, antiperspirants and bras aren’t responsible. In a health article in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Prevention magazine debunked some of the myths:


  • Myth: Antiperspirants inhibit the release of toxins through underarm sweat glands, causing the toxins to enter the lymph nodes and leading to breast cancer. (Source: a widely circulated e-mail message.)
  • Truth: The sweat glands and lymph nodes aren’t connected, and sweat doesn’t contain toxins.


  • Myth: Bra design constricts lymphatic tissue, causing toxins to accumulate. (Source: cultural folklore.)
  • Truth: Bras, regardless of how tight the fit, do not interfere with lymphatic drainage.

Electric Blankets

  • Myth: The low-level electromagnetic fields in electric blankets may suppress the secretion of melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone believed to protect against breast cancer. (Source: speculation by Harvard University researchers.)
  • Truth: A Nurse’s Health Study of 87,497 women found no link between electric blankets and breast cancer.