Recent findings published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism confirm that men who lose weight fare better than women.

Researchers studied more than 2,000 overweight men and women with prediabetes from Europe, Australia and New Zealand who followed an 800-calorie diet for eight weeks. Results showed that males not only lost more total pounds than females, the men also enjoyed better health outcomes: decreased heart rates, less body fat and a lowered risk of metabolic syndrome (a group of symptoms that raise the risk for diabetes and heart disease). Women also lost more HDL, or good cholesterol, and bone mineral density than their male counterparts.

What’s more, although women pared off more inches from their hips compared with men, this worked against them.

Scientists note that when men drop pounds, they lose visceral fat around their midsection, which boosts metabolism, meaning they burn more calories. In comparison, women lose mostly subcutaneous fat around their thighs, rear and hips, which doesn’t trigger the same result.