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Behind the New Claim That White Mercenaries Tried to Spread HIV in Africa

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Mike smith

White supremacy worldwide is so evil!!! I hope God forgives us for wat we've done to those ppl

March 19, 2019 Usa


@RichardUK... I get it. I’m giving my opinion. I’m not going to ever stand on a soap box and people with any illness to stop taking their medication! Or do not trust your doctors because of the government, that I won’t do. I just want people to WAKE UP! and understand the world we live in! If you have a clean bill of health stay that way... don’t take your body for granted. You will become collateral damage, in this messed up world we live in! - Stay Woke & Blessed!

February 15, 2019


As I was say... HIV and many other illnesses have been made to be weapons in the beginning... now they are monetary corporations.

February 15, 2019


@InTheMindWay.... THANK YOU for being “WOKE” as they say. The Rulers of the land (if you will) have been doing this for years... whenever “they” want something that the minority’s occupy. “they” eradicate US til “they” get it. Ebola in West Africa is 1 of many situations and it won’t be the last. Ebola is 1 of many weapons of warfare. I believe HIV is one of them. Here in the “free world” things are easy masked to have you believe it’s a disease that just appeared...”eeeenh” wrong!

February 15, 2019


Perhaps InTheMindway should be allowed ten times the number of characters per post than the rest of us are allowed. This would make him / her / them not have to split up his / her / their diatribe... Or even better, perhaps InTheMindway could attempt to condense things down like the rest of us have to do and in fact do do.

February 5, 2019 UK


What the f*&k is that non-relevant post about the origins the virus have anything to do with the statements I made about hate, black relations, HIV, and the KKK? When it is said in this PBS link that I was referring to --- [ Thank you Poz Magazine for the published status of a conspiracy]: The poster obviously has his head in something of a distraction. ENDGAME: AIDS in Black America | Watch S30 E17 | FRONTLINE ...

January 31, 2019 San Bernardino, CA


PBS tells a different story..

January 31, 2019 TEXAS


The story that has been submitted to Poz Magazine this day January 30th, 2019 is written from the perspective of one holding a former status of being a notary public. It is with great consideration to the integrity of this country and our society that I continue to write out about the hate status of our country and the Ryan White Care Act intertwined special interest class against black people in the USA. The agenda was fixated and placed upon the American People in a PBS Frontline 2012 Spot.

January 30, 2019 San Bernardino, CA


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