This April, an on-screen app on the Apple Watch will allow diabetes patients to track their blood glucose levels in real time via a digital graph, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The high-tech tool, developed by medical device-maker DexCom, uses a tiny sensor placed around the stomach to measure blood sugar levels every five minutes. Patients will be able to view their glucose levels on the Apple Watch to ensure their blood sugar isn’t too high or too low.

In addition, another app from DexCom that’s part of this rollout allows the Apple Watch wearer to share the blood sugar readings with their doctor.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already approved DexCom’s app and sensor, and the tool is expected to launch when the Apple Watch becomes available.

Apple was able to release this new smartwatch app so quickly because of recent changes in the FDA’s guidelines governing health-related apps. The federal agency will now no longer require strict regulatory approval for tech tools that are used to display health data on mobile devices.

Market analysts say the relaxation of FDA rules for health apps like DexCom’s diabetes monitor could help usher in an influx of high-tech wellness tools during the next few months.

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