It isn’t easy keeping freshly styled black hair beautiful and healthy when you’re swept away by torrential rains and gusty winds or slammed with intense heat and humidity. But with these tips from AOL’s Stylelist, you’ll be able to keep your new ’do fabulous and your strands in good health, no matter what the weather forecast.

Stormy weather. Soggy days dampen both your spirits and hair. Fight back by avoiding waxes and gels on drizzly days. These styling helpers flatten your hair and make strands sticky on contact when water, flurries or moisture touches your tresses. Instead, use a lightweight styling spray and stash an emergency hair kit (with a brush, hair elastics and pins) in your purse to do some on-the-go styling. Best look: an easy and elegant bun at the base of the neck.

Dry heat. In some cities, when temperatures climb higher than 90 degrees, the weather unleashes an intense dry heat and damaging sun rays. During these scorchers, cool out your curls with moisturizers, such as hair masks and styling creams. And avoid flatirons and other heat styling tools. Instead, go with natural hair. Best look: soft, natural waves courtesy of light misting of hairspray (spritz your mane while tresses are flipped upside down, then blow-dry using a brush).

High humidity. This type of super-moist weather is hair’s worst enemy, causing tresses to pouf and frizz. No matter the texture of your hair, apply a silicone product to surround strands in a smoothing, protective layer. Distribute a dollop of this frizz-fighter evenly through hair with a wide-toothed comb and then blow-dry on the cold setting. Best look: braided, coiled and pinned styles that shut out humid air.

Wind gusts. To keep hair in place in the face of this style wrecker, use a workable gel to smooth and condition curls while providing a stiff hold. This allows hair to move when wind blows, but also ensures that your style snaps back into shape. Style hair with heat and wait a few minutes before you step outside. Best look: super-sleek hair kept in place by stretchy headbands or fashionable cloth bands.

Cold freezes. Frosty air sucks the moisture from hair and increases static. The best thing to do is skip a day or two of shampooing. (Too much cleansing strips natural oils from your hair and causes static electricity.) Also, consider switching to a sulfate-free and non-foaming cleanser. Best look: Keep strands from straying every which way by spraying a brush with Static Guard then running it through your hair, or simply gliding a fabric softener sheet over your tresses for smooth, static-free styling.

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