Grammy winning R&B singer and Broadway sensation Toni Braxton can now add Heart Health Advocate to her resume. Braxton is no stranger to heart disease. Four years ago, she was rushed to the hospital after experiencing chest tightness, shortness of breath and unusual tiredness. She was diagnosed with percarditis—an inflammation of the lining of the heart. last year, she learned she has high blood pressure: 160/105mg/dL. She asserts, “You can be in your thirties, [weigh] less than 115 pounds, exercise—and have heart disease.”

To raise awareness around this alarming epidemic among American women—450,000 women die annually—Campbell Soup company and the American Heart Association have named Braxton their spokesperson for Go Red With Campbell’s Soup Campaign. For every person who votes for their favorite soup label dress on the web site, Campbell’s will donate $1 to the Go Red for Women Campaign.

Make a difference and vote here by Jan 31.

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