While summertime is synonymous with hanging at the beach and chilling at the park, ’tis the season to up your sunscreen ante. But which ones really work and which ones fall flat? Thanks to a new study conducted by The Environmental Working Group (EWG,) a non-profit group, we have a better clue. Its yearlong investigation found that some of the most popular brands, such as Coppertone, Neutrogena and Banana Boat, performed the worst. The best? EWG gave Oil of Olay the grand prize for its sun protection products for both the face and the body. Plus, Oil of Olay products were praised for not containing harmful chemicals.

Sunscreen is crucial for protection from the sun’s harmful UVB rays, which burn the skin and lead to cancer. Despite the idea that because we have more melanin—a pigment present in the skin—we don’t have to worry about using sunscreen, skin cancers are on the rise among African Americans. And while we may not be diagnosed with the disease as frequently as whites, we are more likely to die from melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer.

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