For you, summer is probably all about fun in the sun, but that’s not usually the case for your hair. Black tresses fear damaging rays, chlorine, salt and the ultimate friend of frizz—humidity. But not to worry, these tips from Madame Noire will help put your mane’s fears to rest.

Perform pre- and post-pool hair protection. Smelly chlorine poured into pools can dry out all hair types and leave a discoloring (and disgusting) green film on tresses. Prepare for a dip by soaking hair in water and applying a coat of conditioner to protect your luscious locks. Immediately following a swim, rinse chlorine from your hair.

Condition, condition, condition. Use deep conditioners (of all kinds) religiously to keep hair controlled and looking its best.

SPF hair products are a colored girl’s best friend. Why? Because they stop the sun from stripping color-treated tresses. That means always use stuff with special UV protection for your hair (and skin), and stay away from products containing alcohol, or any other substance that could dry hair out.

Detangle hair sooner rather than later. Doing a hair wash? Don’t save this step for last. Better to detangle tresses before a shampoo than to tackle it afterward. This will help avoid hair breakage.

Don’t use heat if you can help it! Summer weather is nice, so why not air dry those curls? Less heat styling means healthier, stronger hair, ladies!

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