So, by the time this news story is posted, Rihanna may have changed her hair color—again. But since we’re talking hair health news, RiRi’s going gray look is still on time for a quick highlight. Here goes! By now, everyone has probably checked out Rihanna rocking mostly black hair peppered with graying strands in pictures the singer posted on Instagram.

Rihanna’s experiment with “ice grey ish” locks isn’t really new. Recently, there’s been a trend for many women—of all ethnicities—to ditch the dye bottle and embrace their graying hair. Many do it with style and panache, too. And there’s a slide show on the Grio from last year that testified to this.

But, according to a recent survey by Allure magazine that polled 1,000 men and 1,000 women nationwide, American society is tougher on women who go gray. When survey respondents were asked what words they associated with gray-haired women, most said “old.” When it was men who sported gray hair, however, the word that came to mind of those polled was “distinguished.”

Interestingly, the survey, the magazine’s first-ever survey about aging, showed that more men (63 percent) than women (36 percent) colored their hair to look younger.

Now that researchers know how hair becomes gray, scientists are on a mission to find a way to stop the chemical chain reaction that causes those silvering strands to appear. Click here to read more.