Dandruff, a common ailment, often results from poor blood circulation in the scalp, oily buildup and dead skin on the scalp. But follow these few simple steps from Livestrong.com and you’ll be flake-free in no time.

Comb before you shampoo. This helps loosen any dandruff stubbornly stuck on your scalp and makes it easier to wash the dead skin away. Next, comb through hair to lightly massage the scalp and encourage blood flow.

Use a specialized dry-scalp dandruff shampoo. Apply this cleanser and let sit for at least one minute, then rinse. Reapply shampoo and just chill for another five minutes. This allows the product’s active ingredients to penetrate the hair.

Apply a fortifying conditioner. This hydrating product moisturizes and helps repair the scalp and hair. Leave conditioner in for 20 minutes before rinsing, and repeat this step once each week.

Slather sunscreen on scalp. Why? Because sunburn can create dandruff.

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