Tired of thin, flat tresses? So are we. Whether for a play date, a real date or a night out with the girls, added mass to your hair may be just what you need to put some bounce in your step. But before you run to the store and blow your bank account on a bunch of new stuff to add pouf to your tresses, try these cheap and easy hair volume-boosting tips from Coco and Crème.

Be a tease. That’s right, teasing isn’t just for that retro ’80s look. Slightly back-comb hair beneath the crown of a bobbed style or tease the roots of sectioned hair to add lift and extra height to your ’do. Tip: Remove comb teeth from hair after each stroke for a polished, unmessy look.

Cut it up. Lose length with the right cut to liven up hair. Tresses look thickest when one length, so don’t cut strands in too many stringy layers. Up the wow factor with a slightly asymmetrical cut that’s both fashionable and voluminous. Tip: If you sport a bobbed style, cut a few layers beneath the crown to crank up hair fullness.

Do the ol’ switcheroo. When you wear hair in only one style, you train your tresses to lie flat. Forget that boring right-side part and sweep your hair back, or do alternate side parts. Tip: Change styles often enough to keep hair on its toes and looking its thickest.

Feed it. Lush strands start from the inside out. Apply nutrients and vitamins to scalp to thicken hair growth, then nourish strands with a volumizing shampoo. Tip: Apply products at the root, then follow with a volumizing conditioner.

Style for maximum fullness. Curl your hair with a large-barreled curling iron or roller set tresses. Tip: Use the largest rollers you can find and let hair dry completely before removing the curlers. A big up!
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