As warm-weather days fade and the chilly season begins, we’re left with fun beach memories and…months of sunny day hair damage. That’s right. Time spent outdoors—in the pool or on the beach—can leave your hair brittle, dry and dull. Before cool breezes start to rustle through your ’do, take some time to undo whatever harmful effects sun, salt water and chlorine have had on your hair. Check out these tips from Jessica Wu, MD, a well-known Hollywood dermatologist and contributor to

Re-energize your hair. Start with a total roots-to-tip intensive moisturizing tresses treatment. Pick a product with kukui nut oil, mango and shea butters to hydrate thirsty, dried-out hair. Want something even more exotic? Try a moisturizer with murumuru seed butter to improve the flexibility of brittle hair. If you have curly hair, look for products with prickly pear extract to hydrate and vitamin B-5 to strengthen.

Rejuvenate your hair’s natural shine. Apply a semi-permanent hair gloss. These products tone hair and give it a vibrant look without committing you to a permanent dye job. Next, use a hydrating spray that contains jojoba, wheat germ oil and black vanilla. These sprays add lightweight moisture to strands and leave a delicious smell on your hair.

Replenish your mane. Swat down fuzzy flyaways with an anti-frizz serum infused with citrus extracts. These silkening serums restore strands with vitamins and nutrients while their citrus extracts help smooth split ends and prevent further hair damage.

Now your hair has a head start on the season. Click here to read even more hair health tips to take you through fall and beyond.