Many people have a routine for mosteverything they do in their lives. Routines are a proven way to establish goodhabits, so your hair care schedule should be no different. Don’t just wash yourtresses every time you’re in the shower, or skip your deep conditioningtreatment because you forgot to schedule the time. Here’s a handy-dandy naturalhair care routine that works every time, from

What You’ll Need
No hair care routine is completewithout the following basic products: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner,curl styler and/or leave-in conditioner, wide-tooth comb, blow-dryer anddiffuser. 

Every Day: Co-wash or Moisturize
Co-washing is the practice ofwashing your hair with conditioner only. (Shampoo can strip your hair ofnatural oils and moisture.) Use a rinse-out conditioner to keep your strandsstrong and nourished. If co-washing works for you, do it every day. But ifco-washing leaves you with scalp problems, just moisturize your hair betweenwashes. (Use hair moisturizers with water and an oil or butter listed as thefirst few ingredients on the product’s label.) Note: One of the bestmoisturizers is—guess what?—plain ol’ water. Simply saturate your strands with H2Ofor total re-moisturizing benefits. 

Once a Week: Wash
If you have an oily scalp or if youfrequently exercise, then wash your scalp with a mild shampoo or soap. (Don’tworry about getting your hair wet; water will only help keep those curlsmoisturized!) Use a pearl-sized amount of shampoo and rub it into your scalp;work your way around the crown and base of your neck, by the ears and throughout.Thoroughly rinse your tresses.  

Twice a Month: Shampoo andCondition
If you co-wash regularly, shampoo hairat least twice a month. Start each wash by rinsing your hair for two or threeminutes. This long rinse will help loosen up product residue (so you can useless shampoo). Shampoo, rinse and then condition hair. Make sure to comb theconditioner through your tresses before rinsing it out. Within five minutes ofyour shower, apply a leave-in conditioner or a curl styler to seal in moisture. 

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