Whether they’re rockin’ a natural ’do or a salon–relaxed dreamhairstyle, all sisters have one thing in common: They want strong, healthy,beautiful hair. To get it, you don’t have to use pricey products or commit tochemical coaxing. Instead, try natural, essential oils to bring out your hair’shidden beauty. Which ones? CocoandCreme.com recommends five to start with: 

1. Peppermint OilThis pleasant, tingly oil increases circulation, which inturn encourages the scalp to produce its own natural oils. One thing is forsure, a healthy scalp is beneficial for overall hair health and growth. 

 2. Lavender Oil Some swear this sweet-smelling oil promotes hair growth, andit has been used to treat some hair and scalp conditions such as alopecia(balding). Dab it on sensitive areas, such as around the crown of the head andtemples. 

 3. Rosemary OilNot only does rosemary encourage hair growth—it can alsosoothe an irritated scalp, help with dandruff and boost shine. But if you havea bun in the oven, abstain. The oil isn’t good for mom and baby. 

4. Sweet Almond Oil Almond oil feeds hungry cuticles and helps control shedding.The moisture boost it provides to tresses also thickens hair and produces aluxurious sheen.  

5. Coconut Oil This edible oil fights dandruff and lice and nourishesdamaged hair by softening and moisturizing textured tresses. Plus, coconut oil kick-startshair growth and strengthens strands.  

What are you waiting for? Head to the health store and getclose to nature for beautiful, strong hair.  Want more home remedies?

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