Many black hair care issues are caused by dry scalp and heat and chemical treatments. But these tips from promise to keep black hair well hydrated and properly oiled to protect against breakage and shedding all year long.

Fight dryness with monthly deep conditioning. Tightly coiled African-American hair prevents the even distribution of oils throughout your hair and scalp. For some added help, try a deep conditioner treatment at least once each month (or as often as once each week for extreme dryness). For a homemade version, mix pure glycerin into a conditioner containing sunflower or almond oils, or aloe vera, and massage into your hair and scalp. Then tuck hair under a plastic shower cap and sit under a dryer for 30 minutes (or opt for some high-energy, heat-generating activities). Then rinse and shampoo your hair and set and style as usual.

Apply a leave-in conditioner each day. If your goal is to keep hair consistently moisturized, then try a leave-in conditioner. recommends you pick one that contains fruit or nut oils, such as coconut, shea or cacao. Sistas who keep it natural can simply dampen their hair and massage a dollop of conditioner from root to tips. Then style as usual. Those who prefer relaxed hair can pick up products containing glycerin and light oils, such as sesame. Apply sparingly and smooth the hair.

Avoid moisture-stripping hair products. The main culprits are styling products that contain petroleum or mineral oils. These non-moisturizing ingredients clog scalp pores and coat the hair. Plus, they prevent the hair follicle from sealing in moisture, leading to hair suffocation and non-growth. Best bets? Opt for hair-friendly olive or coconut oil for your everyday styling needs.

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