It was last week when cops arrested Hot 97 radio personality Calvin LeBrun, a.k.a. Mister Cee, a hip-hop icon from back in the day. (Mister Cee helped launch the Notorious B.I.G.’s career and produced his album Ready to Die.) And this week, the police report detailing the particulars of that arrest surfaced online, posted there by

The police report detailed the sexual encounter between LeBrun and another man, Lawrence Campbell—described in previous reports as a transgender person or a cross-dresser—in a car parked on the streets of New York City’s West Village.

Both LeBrun and Campbell were arrested for the misdemeanor crimes of “public lewdness” and “exposure of a person” as described in the report.

In the incident’s aftermath, LeBrun allegedly posted several tweets in which he refuted the police account. That, in turn, fueled more buzz on the Internet, specifically about LeBrun’s sexuality. One blogger, Cynthia S. Wright, posted that Mister Cee’s denial showed that homophobia remains deeply entrenched in hip-hop.

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