Recently, the media took former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee to task for advocating a highly questionable diabetes product that the American Diabetes Association (ADA) warn is not an effective strategy for treating the metabolic condition, Business Insider reports.

Reporters at CBS uncovered that the Republican Huckabee, who recently announced his 2016 presidential campaign, appeared in an online infomercial that urged viewers to ignore “Big Pharma” to treat their diabetes and instead use something called the “Diabetes Solution Kit.” The kit consists of a $19.95 booklet that promotes exercise, a special eating regimen and what Huckabee called a “weird spice, kitchen-cabinet cure” to help reverse type 2 diabetes.

Specifically, the “cure” Huckabee pitches in the video involves popping cinnamon and chromium picolinate supplements—which the ADA warned are completely ineffective at treating diabetes.

When CBS reporters quizzed him about his infomercial pedaling this unsupported diabetes treatment, Huckabee said that because of his presidential candidacy, he’s no longer doing the advertisement. What’s more, Huckabee countered that the infomercial didn’t focus solely on taking these dietary supplements.

“The fundamental thing is always...exercise, it’s good eating habits, it’s maintaining sugar levels, it’s not eating a bunch of junk food, processed food, lots of carbs, sugar, those types of thing,” Huckabee said.

Indeed, the candidate’s previous statement does contain some sound advice. Type 2 diabetes can, in fact, be managed by eating healthy and exercise. For tips, click here.