With Magic Johnson living large and so many HIV drugs now available, think life with HIV is a breeze? Take this quiz and find out.

1) There are 26 HIV meds. If I test positive, all will work on my HIV.
a. You know that’s right!
b. Uh, not necessarily.

2) If I test positive, I have to tell:
a. The folks at my job.
b. Anyone I have sex with.
c. My family.
d. Whomever I choose.

3) If I don’t have insurance, the government guarantees
I’ll get the drugs I need.
True____ False____

4) I can skip taking my
medicine once in a while.
True____   False____

5) Side effects of HIV drugs can include:
a. Nausea and diarrhea.
b. Depression.
c. Body-fat changes.
d. All of the above.

Answers: 1. B. There are four “classes” of drugs, each of which attacks HIV differently; people are usually prescribed at least two classes. But some strains of HIV have mutations that make entire classes of drugs useless. 2. D. It’s illegal to discriminate against people with HIV. It’s best to practice safe sex OR tell anyone you sleep with about your status. Some states make it illegal for you to put others at risk for HIV transmission. 3. False. AIDS Drug Assistance Programs provide HIV drugs to the uninsured—but there’s a waiting list in some states. Still, many drug companies provide meds for low-income patients. You can also get free drugs by taking part in clinical trials. 4. False. Miss a dose and your HIV starts multiplying. Then mutations can make some drugs useless. 5. D.