Real Praise
I recently read some back issues of Real Health, along with the new issue with Pete and Pam Thomas on the cover (Spring 2006). I enjoy reading your articles, which focus on health problems that many African Americans are facing today. I especially enjoyed “Kung Fu Fitness” and the piece about vitamins (“5 Top Vitamin Picks”) in the spring issue. I am looking forward to reading many more of your issues in the future. I also suggest that you contact public libraries and high schools about getting subscriptions to your magazine. Real Health is definitely a tool to educate and inform.

Pat Terrell, Olympia Fields, IL

I remember going to church once, and, although the church was full, it seemed as if the pastor was talking to me. Reading Real Health gave me the same feeling—you spoke directly to me. I am an HIV positive black male, and though I do read HIV publications, your magazine devoted to black issues was a pleasure to read. There is definitely a need for Real Health in our community, and I am looking forward to picking up every issue.  

    Clinton Latimore Jr., Chicago

Schools Dazed
I felt that the article on HIV and black college students was well overdue (“Big Secret on Campus,” Spring 2006). College students make up one of the fastest-growing populations of AIDS cases within the African-American community, and it is extremely important that all efforts be made to inform large black constituencies such as historically black colleges and universities. The inability of HBCU administrators to see that this is and will continue to be a major issue is disconcerting. Unfortunately, some HBCUs’ attitudes mirror those of the black church. Also, unlike other academic institutions with large endowments and funding, HBCUs function at a disadvantage due to a lack of resources. There must be a comprehensive effort made by all facets of the African-American community to educate young black men and women about HIV—only then,
can we expect real change.

    Zinga Fraser, Brooklyn

Stress Buster
I am writing in response to what Dr. Abdullah said in “Stress Less and Break the Bad Habits” (Winter 2005). You really have to figure out what is best for you and let the stress out before you damage your life or someone else’s. I have been going through a tough time with my supervisor at work. But I got connected with my inner self, and I now have a relationship with God. I am getting better each day, but it takes time.

    Charles Lowery, Newark, NJ

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