UnCommonly Conscious
I enjoyed reading your article highlighting Common (“Common Sense,” Winter 2005) and his commendable approach to diet and health. With type 2 diabetes, obesity and hypertension plaguing the African-American community, it was refreshing to read an article about a popular and intelligent black man making healthy choices that can positively influence youths and adults alike. Thank you for providing an avenue to educate through entertainment in your magazine.
E. M. Hawes-Van Pelt, Atlanta

Common is a wonderful role model, and it was great to hear about the way he focuses on his health and his community. It was particularly interesting to hear about others in the hip-hop community, like Nas and Andre 3000, making similar health-conscious choices—I had no idea that they were all vegetarians! Thanks for highlighting a side of hip-hop that our children really should emulate.
Chenée Lewis, Cleveland

Doctor’s Orders
I just received my first issue of your excellent magazine, and I will place it in my waiting room. I have a suggestion—would you think about sending issues to physicians whose offices are in African-American areas? This way more folks would have access to the magazine. Thank you for this needed, attractive and informative publication.
Patricia M. Hart, MD, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for your praise and suggestions!  We are happy to get copies into your waiting rooms. Physicians who are interested in ordering Real Health should visit www.realhealthmag.com and click on “Group Rates.” We also distribute the magazine at many events and conferences.  —The Editors

A Father’s Fight
I enjoyed your story on the importance of being actively involved as a father and not just taking the “daddy” role (“Father’s Day,” Summer 2005). I have a daughter from a woman who had the child before I came into the mother’s life, and though I am imprisoned, I am trying to keep family ties. Her own father is not actively involved in her life, and I am trying to be more open in my involvement with my girlfriend and her—our—daughter.
Soul-Searching and Concerned
Midstate Correctional Facility, Marcy, NY

Down-Low Dilemma
The topic of your article “Over the Down Low” (Winter 2005) has been a topic in every magazine, and it has been discussed on every talk show.  Articles about the DL never seem to be informative enough. I believe it is the DL man’s responsibility to inform his current companion of his interest in sleeping with other men, but we cannot put the full blame on the guys. Women, as well as men, should be aware of the sexual history of the person they are dating. The general view is that gay black men on the DL are infecting our black women with AIDS—but it’s being unaware, skipping out on important dialogues, unsafe sex and lack of trust that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases.
Andrae Dunwoody, New York City