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Federal Judge Upholds 50-Year Sentence for Iowa Man With HIV

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justin keene

This guy adam from iowa is on parole on for quite long time, im happy he can move on with his life now. The 50 years sentence that was given to him was terrible

May 17, 2012 dubuque


My friend and I were both infected by the same person about 8 years ago. I took the responsible step of going to get tested with him, but the testing centre wouldn't allow us into each other's "result rooms". He told me he was negative, but it turns out he wasn't and he infected me. Later he infected a friend of mine, I didn't know they were together, and he pulled the same roose on them. My friend actually killed him, was charged, and got off. I am happy he is gone and I applaud my friend.

May 16, 2012 Washington D.C.

Jeton Ademaj

the part of my profiles Mitch tries to hold over my head calls my highly chemoprophylactic self "low risk" but specifically tells people to google the issue for themselves, in 1 line out of 15. he fails to mention i disclose my status several times in my ads out of respect for my partners, meanwhile Mitch takes a stand even against HIV+ ppl selecting HIV+ partners! he fights HIV-disclosure like Don Quixote...stooping to sad personal attacks while remaining in fear of using his own surname. FAIL.

May 11, 2012 Harlem, NYC


Jeton, as someone whose hookup profile dedicates a fair amount of its body to implying "undetectable" = no real danger, you're on thin ice to make the assertion that that HIV- have some special right to be informed about a status that isnt relevant to their safety. Disclosure laws exist to humiliate and segregate people who test poz. They're part of an ancient bias against the sick, not "a right". If we were concerned about well rounded decisions, we'd run background checks on our tricks.

May 10, 2012

Jeton Ademaj

disclosure laws exist exactly bcuz HIV+ have less interest in disclosure than HIV- do...ESPECIALLY in casual encounters! everyone has the right to accept or reject ANY sexual partner for ANY reason at all, including HIV status. i've recently noticed that is a haven for those who believe condoms r some sort of magic bullet that makes hiv disclosure and new prevention tools like PrEP irrelevant. this blind faith fails to end new infections OR stigma, instead it greatly intensifies both.

May 10, 2012 Harlem, NYC


(cont) The latter instance is economically unsound, as it shifts the burden of prevention from those who have the most to gain from it (HIV-) to those who have the least to gain from it (HIV+). It is destructive to poz people, because it ghettoizes us, and fosters all the accompanying complications of ghettoization. Finally, it probably causes more infections than it prevents, amongst high risk groups, as "undetectables" are probably less infectious than those who presume they are negative.

May 9, 2012


We should be asking when mandatory disclosure is appropriate. Instead, we mandate disclosure with ALL sex. This is counterproductive in high risk groups. Expecting someone in a LTR to disclose is common decency. Its insane to presume one's partner is lying. Expecting disclosure with casual partners, is absolutely ludicrous.

May 9, 2012


31 years of knowing how HIV is transmitted, that it knows no social, gender, economic or racial boundaries, people insist on NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their own promiscuity.If you are a woman and pick up a guy you should have a condom in your purse and 30 days supply of PrEP medication to take the next morning until you get the result of your HIV test back.Women can remember to take their birth control pills, they can learn to take PrEP pills or use a condom. Stop being the victim!

May 8, 2012 Reno, NV

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