Are you tired of styling your tresses the same ol’ way? Everybody needs a change once in a while, and naturalistas are no exception. If you want a straighter style, you don’t have to resort to chemical treatments. Here, shows how to “train” your hair to get a sleeker look by using common styling appliances.

What is heat training? 
This process involves using a flatiron, pressing comb or blow-dryer to change and loosen your natural curl pattern. Over time, this causes less single-strand knots and tangles in tightly wound curls—plus, you’ll notice more length.  

How can I heat train my hair?  
Start by setting your flatiron or blow-dryer to the lowest possible setting—gentle heat is best to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Next,apply a heat protectant to hair. Look for natural-hair products that help seal in moisture. Next, using clips and combs, section your hair into manageable chunks. Finally, use your flatiron or blow-dryer to slowly and steadily work through each section of your hair, straightening strands as you go. Once your flatironed hair has lost its shape, simply twist your curls back into their natural pattern. 

How often should I heat train? 
Only heat train hair a few times each year. Any more “training”sessions can lead to heat damage on sensitive strands. And never flatiron hair that hasn’t been cleaned or washed.  

What type of flatiron should I get?  
Look for non-metallic or ceramic flatirons. Yes, they are an investment, but they are made of the best heat-conductive materials and are also the safest options for your hair.  

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