As a form of self-expression and entertainment, dancing is one of the oldest art forms in existence. But the energy used to move our bodies in dance also offers benefits for health and fitness that makes this art form fit perfectly into a fun and challenging exercise routine that can help us lose or maintain a healthy weight, better our balance and coordination and strengthen our bones and muscles.

Today, there are a variety of dance fitness classes and programs available. Hip hop dancing is one that offers cardiovascular benefits as well as being a calorie-burning exercise that can help tone the whole body. Recently, added a new workout, Center Court Choreography with the Brooklynettes, to its roster of fitness videos online.


The full-body workout was inspired by the high-intensity, hip-hop dance routines performed by the Brooklynettes for their team, the Brooklyn Nets, on center court at the Barclays Center arena. The video is the first of a series of workouts that will see exclusive release on


The hip-hop video workout features three dancers on the Brooklynettes squad: Amanda Robinson, Alexa Kobylarz and Whitney Wiggins. The trio showcase high-energy, hip-hop dancing. The routine includes basic moves that are easy for beginners, as well as more experienced exercisers, to execute.


To me, the program is the kind of exercise routine that doesn’t feel like work; it’s so fun and I was able to keep up really well because the moves repeated and were easy to do.

The original Center Court Choreography class launched last year in December and was taught exclusively at the Crunch located in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood. Now, you can take the class in your own home.


To learn more about Crunch Live and to preview this new workout and others, click here.