You may think happiness is achieved when you get something you want. But guess what, it’s not. Happy feelings come as you make your way on the journey, not when you arrive at the destination, according to leading researchers on positive psychology.

Also known as the “science of happiness,” positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and standards that enable individuals and communities to thrive. It became the rage several years ago when social scientists began focusing on how people stay mentally well.

The researchers confirmed common observations: Happy people tend to be healthier and live longer than unhappy ones.

But what makes people happy? The answer is different for everyone. Still, researchers found a universal truth: When people expect a specific goal—such as wealth, a great career or marriage—to bring them bliss, once they pursue and attain that goal they often end up feeling unhappy.

What do scientists suggest to increase well-being, reduce misery and flourish overall? Don’t wait for some thing or some one to make you happy. Instead, just live your life.

Also, happy isn’t measured by the “stuff” you’ve accumulated. The keys to nirvana are to interact with people and build good relationships, stay positive, find meaning in life and enjoy accomplishing small, everyday goals.

And accept that this feeling comes and goes each day. You’ll be so much happier.