We’ve all been there, or will be one day: Standing in front of the mirror, posing and primping when a sudden gleam of white catches our eye. OMG, it’s the dreaded gray hair. Yes, they’re inevitable and natural, but they can still send us into a tailspin. These home remedies from DailyGlow.com will help you handle those annoying silvering strands.

Change your diet. Grayed-out strands may be caused by a vitamin and nutrient deficiency that causes tresses to lose melanin, the pigment that gives color to the hair. To make sure you’re getting what you need, eat protein-rich foods such as lean meats, soy, whole grains, eggs and cereal. Also, get plenty of vitamins A and B—found in green leafy veggies—and eat fruits, such as bananas and dried apricots.

Change your lifestyle. Some studies have linked going gray to psychological stress. What that means is mellow out and cut the stress. Make rest, exercise and meditation a routine part of your day. Don’t wait for a crop of gray hairs to make their appearance before you start taking time out to relax.

Change your hair routine. You massage your body, so why not your scalp and hair? Try one of these straight-from-the-pantry concoctions: Boil curry leaves in coconut oil to create a hair tonic. Rub the tonic on hair to restore your strands original color. Or cut up a ribbed gourd—said to enrich hair roots and restore pigment—and soak it in coconut oil for three days. Then boil the gourd until there is black residue in the pot. Massage the gourd-infused oil mixture into scalp. Rinse and style. Still game? Try amaranth (a plant that yields an edible grain and is usually sold in Indian and health food stores). Some say the fresh juice of the amaranth leaves helps hair retain its natural color and also prevents it from turning gray.

Although no one can guarantee any of these tips will work, if nothing else, you’ll be one healthy person. And, who knows, your hair might just  go back to black in no time!

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