If living means just going through the motions, your life may need a tune-up. While such change may seem like a daunting task, all it may take is cultivating a new focus. These simple steps will get you started.

First, take time to meditate and reflect. Meet with a spiritual leader, trusted friend or life coach (check out coachfederation.org) and make an honest and blame-free assessment of your life. Realize you’re in control and have the power to change.

Next, decide what’s important to you, what goals you want to pursue and how they might affect your health, relationships and general happiness. Keep a journal; take career tests (for example, Myers-Briggs or Career Key); sign up for classes at your local YMCA; or check out meetup.org to socialize with new people and experience different things. The point is to find what inspires, motivates and nourishes you.

After you’ve decided what to do, then set small, achievable goals to help you succeed. To stay motivated, make getting there fun. And celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how trivial you think it is.

Finally, retain a sense of humor. The road to happiness is more easily traveled accompanied by laughter.