>>Billy Blanks, BootCamp (BillyBlanks.com; $40)
These workouts, with Blanks’ butt-whipping brew of punches, kicks and high-octane cardio, are no joke. Rubber Billy Bands, which come with four DVDs, add resistance. Note to self: First try the workout sans bands, ’cause they ratchet the challenge level up to “killer.”
Sweat Factor: 5 It ain’t called “boot camp” for nothing.
Originality: 3 The bands put a new twist on familiar moves.
Fun Factor: 4 Blanks is enjoyable, but no picnic!

>>MaDonna Grimes, African Beat–Latin Heat (NaturalJourneys.com; $15)
Grimes and crew really seem to be having a good time in this 30-minute workout. A well-paced warm-up and cool-down bookend the innovative, easy-to-follow African- and Latin-dance–inspired moves.
Sweat Factor: 3 The funk is in the beats (not your sports bra).
Originality: 4 There’s lots of creative flavor.
Fun Factor: 5 The team’s energy is contagious!

>>Victoria Johnson, Cardio Dance Party (VictoriaJohnson.com; $10)
This “jam” is fine if you want to get your sweat on. But you may be a laughingstock if you bust these moves in public. The steps, outfits and set design look to be circa 1992.
Sweat Factor: 4 Break out the towel!
Originality: 1 Been there, done that.
Fun Factor: 2 Would be a 1, but you’ll keep laughing at the moves.