Many women know when it comes to your looks and self-esteem, hairline breakage hurts. The perpetrators of the pain are chemical relaxers, perms, continuous hair dying, weaves, wigs, even pressure or pulling from braids. All these can cause unsightly and sometimes painful breaks in the hair. These tips from AOL’s Black Voices may help repair some of that damage:

  • Stop chemical treatments and don’t use harmful products. This means no hair-snapping, breakage-causing perms, relaxers or hair dyes for two to three months.
  • Use daily scalp conditioners or leave-in conditioning treatments. These hair soothers work to restore your hair to health. Also, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase to stop breakage caused by rough fabrics. Switch to elastic or cloth-covered hair bands instead of using harmful rubber bands when styling.
  • Explore more hair-friendly styling techniques. Any styling that requires constant pulling and tugging is out. This means a break from too-tight weaves and wigs and braiding near the hairline. (Remember: Your hairline is the weakest part of your hair, notes Black Voices, so always treat it with TLC.)
  • Nourish hair as it grows. Include deep moisturizing and hair strengthening treatments in your regular hair health beauty routine.

Get creative in camouflaging your hairline problems. While you’re waiting for your repair strategy to kick in and your hair to grow back, use mascara or makeup to subtly fill in areas of thinning hair.

Remember, your hair will grow back. But if hair breakage continues, see a dermatologist or doctor.

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