We asked two couples to try...

  • The spiral-ridge-tipped Trojan Twisted Pleasure ($9.99 for 12)
  • The Pleasure Plus ($3.99 for three) with tickly pouch tip
  • The Durex XXL ($10.99 for 12)—big and shapely!
Their favorite “love glove”?

Demetria and Eugene, Austin, Texas:
“My husband and I loved the Trojan Twisted Pleasure. There was more friction and a cool bumpy feeling because of the twisted shape and extra latex. After nine years of using condoms together, we never thought condoms could contribute to our pleasure.”

Steve and Lee, Brooklyn, N.Y.: “Steve and I preferred the Durex XXL. The lubrication and contoured shape provided a better fit. Since both of us are HIV positive, it’s important for us to protect each other from infection with different strains of the virus.”