Watch out! Your new flat-screen TV may increase your risk for cancer, according to a report from the American Cancer Society and published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives and reported by Reuters.

The report identified 19 chemicals that could potentially cause cancer, including chloroform, formaldehyde, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and indium phosphide—the later compound is found in flat-screen televisions. All of the chemicals have already been classified as possible carcinogens by The International Agency for Research on Cancer.

“These particular ones were picked for two reasons. One is there is more of a hint in most cases that they might be involved with cancer,” said Elizabeth Ward of the American Cancer Society, who helped lead the work. The second reason is that the chemicals are very common or are becoming more widespread.

Researchers are particularly concerned by the pervasiveness of these chemicals. Data have shown genetic changes in animals when they breathed in indium phosphide, the semiconductor used in flat-screen TVs, Ward said.

International experts supported the report and stated they identified strong evidence of a real danger that needed more thorough study.

Cancer is the No. 2 killer among Americans after heart disease.

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