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Celebrities Raise Funds for HIV/AIDS on Celebrity Apprentice

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We need some support from big organization and Celebrities.We are an organization of HIV/AIDS IN Uganda.We are equally loosing many people to AIDS why not support us? We are hmbly requesting for partneship and consideration in this regard.For and on Behalf of EDAPO organisation in Uganda.The world is one home and mankind is one family.

October 29, 2012 Kampala


Awesome... beginning to think I was alone in this fight. I'm so tired of hearing well magic Johnson is healed lol just ignorant to the fact. Not saying people are ignorant, just ignorant on facts of HIV/AIDS. Just keep on keeping on. I come from a rural area which is no excuse...folks just think o no not me or o no not my family well ya can't say that until properly testing and proper precautions. I was tested in 1993 and guess what it was generated that was year I was infected. hmm Barbara PWA

January 15, 2012 Smithfield

Reggie Dunbar II

This is great. We need this type advocacy and action the the southeat especially in our hardest hit areas of HIV-AIDS.

January 12, 2012 Atlanta GA


I am so HAPPY to hear this!!!! Finally some recognition for HIV/AIDS...We can use the money for the CURE!!!!!!!

January 12, 2012 Defuniak Springs


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